About the Niago Marsh Awards

The Ngaio Marsh Awards (formerly Ngaio Marsh Award), popularly called the Ngaios, are literary awards presented annually in New Zealand to recognise excellence in crime fiction, mystery, and thriller writing. The Awards were established by journalist and legal editor Craig Sisterson in 2010, and are named after Dame Ngaio Marsh, one of the four Queens of Crime of the Golden Age of Detective Fiction. The Award is presented at the WORD Christchurch Writers & Readers Festival in Christchurch, the hometown of Dame Ngaio.

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Dame Niago marsh, circa. 1935

How do you pronounce Niago?

So, how do you pronounce Ngaio? And we have been asked. Being authorities on the New Zealand vocabulary and accent (because we be kiwis), we can tell you it’s pronounced Nigh-Oh [ /ˈnaɪ.oʊ/ ].